The Liverpool Chester Liverpool is less than six months away and it’s time to start your training. However, cycling in these winter months can be tricky. Before heading out on your bike in cold, wet or windy conditions it is good to make extra preparations to ensure you have the safest and most comfortable ride possible. So here are our top tips for cycling in winter.  

Wear appropriate clothing 

When riding in Winter it is crucial to wear the right clothing to avoid getting too cold and wet. Layering is key so make sure you add extra warm layer such as under armour underneath your usual cycling outfit. It is also wise to invest in a long sleeve cycling jersey and a lightweight waterproof jacket to keep you warm and dry. Also, you must protect your extremities as these are most susceptible to the bad conditions. Gloves, shoe covers, extra socks and a snude or face mask are good additions to your winter outfit.  


Adjust your riding style 

Ice and rain can cause major issues when on your bike so be sure to break early and slowly to avoid skidding on ice. Also, avoid cycling through standing water as you never know how deep the puddle might be and it could be hiding a pothole or other potential trip / puncture hazard.  


Pack the appropriate refreshments  

Your body uses a significant amount of energy trying to stay warm in cold conditions, this means that you need more calories to provide that energy when exercising in winter. Pack snacks such as granola bars, sweets and fruits to keep you energised throughout your ride. It can also be easy to forget to drink enough water when it is wet and cold outside so be conscious of how much water you are drinking. Stay hydrated and drink such as many fluids as you would when the weather isnt so bad.  



In cold weather, your muscles are less flexible and have a tendency to seize up. Therefore, it is even more important than usual to stretch before getting on your bike to warm up your muscles, making them looser and less susceptible to injury. 


Check the weather and route 

When cycling in winter you should always check the weather forecast far in advance. The weather may not be bad when you set off but that can change very quickly so always plan ahead and look out for bad weather warnings. It is also sensible avoid hills and coastal paths as these can be particularly slippy and windy. 


Take care of your bike  

Bikes need an extra bit of TLC over the winter months. Make sure to clean your bike regularly, keep the drivetrain lubricated and, if possible, store your bike indoors to keep it out of the cold.  


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